All You Need to Know About Reliability

All You Need to Know About Reliability

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All You Need to Know About Reliability

This course is the first of a two part series discussing the elements of RAM: Reliability, Availability and Maintainability.  In Part 1, the student will learn about the various phases during the reliability-life of an asset and the tools available to ensure reliability is properly addressed during each phase.  This course spends time introducing the student to details concerning each tool that is frequently missed in other reliability 

Target Audience

Plant managers, senior maintenance managers & reliability managers and other leaders who are responsible for the reliability and maintenance of their company’s assets.  Unlike other reliability courses, this course is intended to be both comprehensive and detailed, while remaining understandable by individuals new to the reliability business.


Daniel T. Daley

Dan Daley has over 40 years of experience working in maintenance, operations and engineering within the petrochemical and transportation industries.  During this time, he has been personally involved in a number of successful programs aimed at improving maintenance and reliability performance. 

He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri.

In addition, he has published five books on Reliability and Maintenance Excellence through Industrial Press, Inc.  He has also presented training classes on his material in a number of locations through the U.S...

Daniel T. Daley


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