Become a facilitator

The Reliability Institute is seeking professional individuals and consultants to be certified partners to facilitate our training in Classroom situations.

What are the opportunities?

  • Consultant Affiliate Memebership
  • Good revenue opportunities
  • Translator revenue opportunities
  • Course customization - specific user designs
  • Hosting and delivery of your own on-line programs
  • Certification to run courses using PowerSurge Training®

The Benefits of PowerSurge Training®.

PowerSurge Training® is a learning concept from The Reliability Institute BV.

It is the ultimate learning experience in facilitator or consultant led training courses. It enables the course facilitator to use both his own facilitating and training skills, plus the direct skills from a notable author, on the subject being taught. The course is designed so that the student listens to a module from the Author then the facilitator/consultant guides them to develop a working project, which will evolve over the period of the training.

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