Change Management course available

The latest version of Stephen J. Thomas Change Management course is now available through the Reliability Institute.

This is the course for all those people associated with changing the way people work. This course is a must for managers or project responsible people, who want to make new initiatives sustain themselves over the long term.

Why Take This Course?

Most change initiatives fail to meet their planned objectives because they were treated as a project and not a process to change the way people work. His course "Change Management" offered through Reliability Institute, is a must for managers, those responsible for implementation of the change initiative or anyone else who wants to gain a broader understanding of this very important subject.

The gain for the student completing this course is the understanding of why task based change fails and what to do to make sure that this problem is avoided in all future efforts.

The information provided is cumulative and the student should leave not only with a deeper understanding of the change process, but what to do about it, when they return to work.

Steve Thomas is a global expert on Change Management Strategies and has presented his material in the US, Canada, Europe and South America. Additionally he has written seven books on this and related subjects. Of most note is the text – Improving Maintenance and Reliability Through Culture Change. 

Become a Certified Change Management Consultant!

The Reliability Institute is looking for professional Consultants and Trainers, who can become certified to run this training course. Certification means successfully completing the course and undergoing an assessment with Stephen J Thomas. Certified individuals or organisations, can use the Reliability Institute's, PowerSurge Training® concept, for face-to-face facilitation. Certified consultants and trainers are considered, as a Reliability Institute "authorised dealer" for this program.

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