Change Management

Change Management by Stephen Thomas

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Change Management

This is course for all those people associated with changing the way people work. Most change initiatives fail to meet their planned objectives because they were treated as projects and not as a process to change the way people work. This course is a must for managers or project responsible people who want to make new initiatives sustain themselves over the long term.

The gain for the student is the understanding of why task based change fails and what to do to make sure that this problem is avoided in future efforts.

The information provided is cumulative and the student should leave not only with a deeper understanding of the change process, but what to do about it when they return to work.


Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas has 40 years of experience working in maintenance within the petrochemical industry.  During this time, through personal involvement at all levels of the maintenance and reliability work process, he has gained vast experience in all phases of the business. 

Coupled with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and M.S. degrees in both Systems Engineering and Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania, this experience has enabled him to add significant value to the many projects on which he has worked.

In addition, he has published seven books on change management and other subjects through Industrial Press, Inc, and Reliabilityweb.com.  He has also presented training classes on his material in the US, Canada and South America.

Steve Thomas


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