1. What is it the Reliability Institute has to offer?

    R.I. offers online courses and trainings which are relevant to the manufacturing industry. Our focus lies upon raising awareness for existing methods of machine breakdown prevention. Since most costly breakdowns can be prevented we are here to teach you how to do that. Properly applying the knowledge gained through our trainings helps keeping machines operative at all time thus saving the industry a lot of time, efford and money.

  2. What can I expect from the courses / trainings offered by R.I.?

    Our courses are authored by people who've been active in various branches of industry for many of years and have amassed a huge amount of knowledge. This expert knowledge is available through books, white papers and seminars. What you can expect from R.I. is knowledge presented in easely accessible courses and modules which are designed to make you understand how you can streamline the processess relevant to proper machinery maintenance which encompasses an entire range of activities, rules and regulations.

  3. How does it work?

    All of our courses are presented as modular courses where you are presented with reading and studying material, voiced over presentations all produced by our authors and basically everthing you'd need to extend your own knowledge in the relevant field. At the end of each module there is a quiz which is designed to test whether you've really understood what is explained. Depending on how well you scored, and how the course is designed the results of these quizzes determine whether you can pass on to the next. Also scores are being tracked allowing you to remain informed of how well you are doing. Depending on which course you take, relevant certificates may be awarded.
    Once you've succesfully finished a course you should be able to directly apply your newly gained knowledge in your company and start implementing it.

  4. How do I enroll in a course?

    You can enroll in any course by first registering as a member of our website HERE .
    Once registered, there are 3 methods of enrollment:

    • By corporate agreement.
      If the company you work for has an agreement with R.I. about courses and the number of staff allowed to follow them then we have an enrollment code for your company. Ask relevant people about the code, and if you're eligable for taking a course, they'll give you the enrollmentcode for the choses course. Once you've received the code you go to the course->enroll->corporate agreement, enter the code and you are immediately able to start taking it.

    • Pay via invoice.
      If you want to receive an invoice for a course which you'll present at your administrative department, you fill out the invoice formlet HERE ( link works for logged in visitors only ). and have them contact us. Once this step is done, payment has been made, we will manually enroll you into the requested course, send you a notification and you can start taking it.

    • Pay via paypal

      This option is for people who want to take a course independantly and don't want to wait. It works quite simply by using your paypal account to pay for the requested course, and once payment is cleared (usually takes just a few minutes) you can start taking the selected course.