Lubrication Best Practices

Lubrication Best Practices by Martin Williamson

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Lubrication Best Practices

This course is an explanation of what are the key ingredients in a "Best Practice" lubrication activity.

It considers examples from companies that can be regarded as "World Class" in this area and shows the gains that can come from a well managed lubrication strategy.

The course will take you step by step through the ingredients of the strategy and it clearly defines the concept of "Lubrication Reliability".

Who will benefit from this course? Plant Managers, Technical and Maintenance Managers, Reliability Engineers and technicians plus all personell associated with the lubrication activity.

From this learning you will be able to access where you as measured against "Best Practices" and then define needed actions to improve your own lubrication strategy.

You also have the opportunity to dialogue directly with one of the global leaders in this area - Martin Williamson, the author and subject matter expert of the Reliability Institutes lubrication competence section. 


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Martin Williamson

Martin is a very experienced and knowledgable individual on all aspects of Machinery Lubrication and how to transfer this knowledge to other people. A summary of his resume follows:

1989 - B.Sc. (Mech) Eng, University of Cape Town.

1990 - Oil Analysis and Tribology programme, Sishen Iron Ore Mine, South Africa.

1994 - Technical Support - Contamination Control, Filtration and Oil Analysis, Pall Filtration Europe, Portsmouth, UK.

1998 - Product Management, Oil Analysis Systems, Entek IRD, Chester, UK

2001 - Manager, Noria UK, presenting Noria machinery lubrication training and Noria oil analysis training, undertaking Noria lubrication programme designs .  

2005 - Director, KEW Engineering Ltd.

Martin Williamson


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