Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking by Ron Kincaid

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Performance Tracking

Trend Charting is a course that explains in detail, supported with a relevant example and exercise, the concept of effective trend charting.  This is a simple and powerful tool that allows an organization to view process performance over time in order to correct actions as necessary.

Any data may be charted for analysis and/or to drive improvement, however this course is more than just how to draw a graph; it is about understanding what the chart is telling you about the health of your process.


Roy Kinkaid

Roy Kinkaid has 40 years in the implementation of various quality managements systems and improvement methodologies– Lean/Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Malcolm Baldrige National Criteria for Performance Excellence, Root Cause Analysis and performance measurement (Balanced Scorecard) in multiple industries.

He has extensive experience working in the US, Canada, Europe, the UK and Asia.

He has a BS in Management and Statistics from Philadelphia University, is a certified Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt and an MBNA Examiner. He is currently a consultant, and has held various senior management positions (Director, VP of Quality) and has served on several boards.

In addition he has authored a Lean/Six Sigma 300 + page manual, a Root Cause Analysis Manual and an MBNA Assessment/Implementation Manual.
Roy Kinkaid


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