RI Introduces PowerSurge Training

The Benefits of PowerSurge Training®.

PowerSurge Training® is a learning concept from The Reliability Institute BV.

It is the ultimate learning experience in facilitator or consultant led training courses. It enables the course facilitator to use both his own facilitating and training skills, plus the direct skills from a notable author, on the subject being taught. 

Usually, a facilitator or consultant, would make their own material or use someone else's material and would have to become an expert themselves on the subject matter, however with PowerSurge Training®, the facilitator only has to be very familiar with the material and spend his energies and competences facilitating the learning experience of the course participants.  

The consultant or facilitator, develops a course structure of having the participants build a project around the subject to be learnt. The course is designed so that the student listens to a module from the Author then the facilitator/consultant guides them to develop a working project, which will evolve over the period of the training.

The concept has been created, so that Academic Institutions, Training Organisations and Individual Consultants can use the Reliability Institute's comprehensive range of online training courses in classroom situations. Any person working in the training sphear, can be certified to run the PowerSurge Training® concept, with any of our online courses. 

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Learn how to effect change in your organization and make it sustainable over the long term. This course is jointly facilitated by the Stephen J Thomas, the global guru in Culture Change and Ian Knight, Director Enluse BV and The Reliability Institute BV. The concept of PowerSurge Training® will be applied in this course, which gives you both ends of the learning needs, listening to the global subject matter expert who will directly guide you with his knowledge via voice based presentations and experience your direct classroom learning, that will be facilitated by Ian Knight. As a participant, you will build your knowledge around a known project you have worked on or wish to work on. The PowerSurge Training® concept will be a learning experience unparalleled to any other course you have ever taken. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear the world’s best expert and facilitated with the best learning methodology available, Enroll today..    

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